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Taming Your Pet Iguana

The first thing you need to have when aiming to tame and, hopefully even someday, train an iguana is patience. Taming an iguana doesn’t come easy and is not an overnight process. Each iguana is different with some responding really well to their owner’s efforts and being tamed in just a few hours while some requires days or even weeks.

How to Tame Iguanas

To help you tame your pet iguanas here are a few tips and some steps you can take to help in taming your iguana.

1. Allow your iguana time to adjust to its new home before starting to tame it.

2. Allow your iguana time to adjust to you by sitting at a distance from its cage allowing it to watch you as you watch it too.

3. Start taming the iguana as early as possible. It would be harder to tame your pet if it grows accustomed to being neglected and left wild in its cage after being bought. It will probably get confused and frightened as to why you are suddenly paying attention if this happens.

4. When your new pet seems to have adjusted to your presence slowly and little by little sit closer to the cage until you get right to the cage’s opening.

5. Open the iguana cage while you’re sitting next to the door until your iguana again gets accustomed to your nearness.

6. Stick your hand in the cage and allow the iguana to be the one to approach you and examine your hand.

7. When the iguana seems to be perfectly at ease with your hands you can then take the next step by gently touching and caressing it. Do not immediately attempt to pick up the iguana because this might surprise and frighten it. Only after the iguana has grown used to your touch should you pick the iguana up. At this point you can consider your iguana to be tame.

8. You can then start training your iguana by letting it out of its cage while you are holding it, then on its own, and then by allowing to it adjust to a leash indoors before venturing outdoors with a leash.

9. To help the iguana adjust during the whole process you can put a box inside its cage where it can hide when it is frightened. This will help lessen the stress taming can bring on the iguana.

10. Be sensitive to your iguana. Always let it rest and calm down when it gets agitated.

11. Do not try to tame two wild iguanas at the same time especially sharing the same enclosure, especially males since they will just fight.

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